A downloadable magic game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

this game is off course a magic game its my first magic game and i will be makeing more this game is off course a battle magic battle game 


a = alpha

b = beta

r = release

m = mobile 


update 1:  i saw 2 very big bugs 

update 2:  so i could fix the  text for the start screen 

update 3: added mobile and fixed a lot of bugs 


1.  make the game for mobile (now done)

maybe 2. make the art a bit better maybe

3. more levels

maybe 4. more spells 

Install instructions

windows: extract the .zip then open the folder and find a the magic warriors.exe and open it 

mac: unkown

linux: unkown

android mobile:  press download then press open or okay or files to open it press allow if needed then press install then press done or open


the magic warriors linux b1.AppImage 50 MB
the magic warriors macos b1.zip 45 MB
the magic warriors windows b1.zip 49 MB
the magic warriors android ma2.apk 1 MB